Deliciously and Balanced Meal Plans

Are you training hard but not seeing the results you hoped for? Unsure of what to eat to optimise your performance? Then take your training to the next level with the right nutrition that is in line with your goal and get the results you always wanted. The CR fitness meal plans are fully tailored to you and your lifestyle.

You don’t have to worry anymore about the number of calories or macronutrients you need. I will calculate all this for you while building a delicious meal plan so you can perform at the highest level in training and in your personal life. All recipes are designed with you in mind so eating healthy doesn’t have to seem like a chore. Each meal is quick and easy to prepare to save you time in the kitchen.

CR fitness meal builder

Each plan now comes with the new CR fitness meal builder. What this does is allows you to change any ingredient in any meal for an ingredient you prefer. You will also be able to take control of what you eat by creating meals following guidelines I will provide for you. The CR fitness meal builder is easy and quick to use. It comes with an instructional video as well I will be on hand to answer any queries you may have. I will be with you for guidance and support with check-ins and updates when needs are. Eating healthy has never been as easy.

If you are interested in changing up your training routine please check out my online coaching packages. Or you can contact me now with any questions may have.


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My Meal plans Prices

Meal Plan
  • Built around you and your goals
  • CR Fitness Ingredient Replacer
  • One month guidance and support
  • Weekly check-ins

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Give me a call at and i'll help guide you through your decision. You can also send me an email to ciaran@crfitness.ie